Rural Life

Rural life means village life. Village life has many advantages. Rural life is peaceful, beautiful and calm which are the main features of rural life. Villagers do not suffer from tension. In the village, the air is free from pollution. We can enjoy melodious tones of different kinds of birds in rural life. This life provides us with fresh fruit, fish, vegetables, water, and pure air. One can swim and walk without fear of accidents here. These are not available in urban life and it makes the rural life different from urban life. The rural people are always depending on nature. They cultivate their crops by depending on nature. If natural disaster comes any time they have to challenge with disaster. Sometimes natural calamities destroy their crops, cattle, horses and their goods. In these natural calamities, many people also lose their life. They always dream a tiny dream so they cannot change their life and their luck. Although electricity has reached some villages, most of the urban amenities are still absent. Life in a city is artificial. Though sometimes, rural life is branded as old fashioned than urban life, I enjoy the bounties of rural life most. It is almost free from the noise and anxieties of urban life. In a rural life is full of simplicity, tranquility and natural beauty. We must ensure that all the attractive features of rural life prevail against all odds. In spite of having fewer opportunities of modern communication, advanced education and medicine, I like rural life most. I enjoy the simplicity, tranquility and natural beauty of rural life. Some pragmatic steps may be taken to improve the standard of rural life. Poverty alleviation is one of them. Besides, we have to manage mass education. We also need to improve the communication system. Villages keep us alive because our farmers live in villages. They produce the rice we eat. I, therefore, like to live in the village which is pure and simple.