Sample Annual Agenda Format

Sample Annual Agenda Format

[An annual agenda is a strategic work plan that an entity will follow for their next operational year. Annual agendas are usually created and discussed by the board or higher management of a business. Attending annual gatherings of companies and organizations can on many occasions become boring which is regretted by most.]

Features of an Annual Agenda –

  • The annual agenda must have a topic for the discussion.
  • The annual agenda must eliminate guesswork and look forward to keeping everyone focused on the precise subject of the discussion.
  •  The topic of the discussion should be reviewed.
  • The desired outcome of the meeting must be discussed.

Example of Annual Agenda for a Meeting of Shareholders:

Annual Meeting of Shareholders Of [Name of the Company],

[Date and Time of the Meeting],

(A) Meeting Called to Order.

  1. Introductions.
  2. Instructions on Rules of Conduct and Procedures.
  3. Providing Proof of Notice of Meeting.
  4. Announcing whether the Quorum is present or not.

(B) Presenting Proposals and Discussing Them.

  1. Proposal M1 — Election of Directors [List Names of Director Nominees],
  2. Proposal M2 — Ratification of Auditors,
  3. Other Proposals [Description of Additional Proposals by the Management]

Shareholders must be invited to make comments or ask questions about the proposals which are presented by the rules of conduct. Questions and answers should be left for the final moments until the general q & a session is held after the closing of the polls.

(C) Voting.

1. The opening of the Polls.

[If shareholders intend to vote at the meeting proxy cards or ballots must be requested, and statements must also be made that voting is not compulsory unless the shareholder is participating for the first time or wants to intimate changes in a previous vote],

2. Voting on Proposals.

3. The closing of Polls.

(D) Results of the voting.

(E) Presentation by the management regarding the company.

(F) Q & A session regarding the company.

(G) Adjournment.


Another Example of Annual Agenda for a Meeting of The Board


[Name of the Organization],

Board Meeting Committees…,

Legislative Committee; This committee considers matters related to legislative proposals and recommends positions to the board.

Customer services and administrative efficiency committee; This committee addresses matters that are affecting customer services as well as administrative operations throughout the board.

Business Committee; This committee provides a forum for the discussion of proposed regulations and policies of the business.

Board Meeting

  • Annual Board Member Photograph
  • The board members follow traditional procedures and take an annual photograph during the meeting.
  • The setting of Annual Values
  • The Board sets the unitary and non-unitary values of the Business.
  • Special Presentations
  • The Board members make special presentations to the staff members and others about the business and any accomplishment awards received over the years.


Members of the staff and others present arguments regarding the increase or decrease in business as well as any other issues which have been slated.

The vote of Thanks.

A board member presents a vote of thanks to all others attending the meeting at the conclusion.

[Note: The agenda for annual meetings will be different for every company or board that may be calling the same. One cannot assume that a single template can be used by the organizers to create the annual agenda.]