Sample Application for Admission Cancellation in School/College

Sample Application for Admission Cancellation in School/College


The Principal/Higher Authority

XYZ School (School Name)


Subject: Request for Admission Cancellation


Dear Sir/Madam,


I got myself enrolled in this (Semester name; like: summer semester) for A/O-levels in your prestigious school/College. I fulfilled all the necessities and also paid the fee in advance. But now, I am moving to (City/State name) immediately because my father got business/job setup there and we cannot miss it because it will be a loss for us as my father has invested a lot of money in it (state specific reason..).

Therefore, I request you to cancel my admission and revisit my advance fee payment so that all the requirements are done duly on time. I would also need a certificate indicating my successful admission in your school so that I have a proof and I do not get any complexity in getting admitted in the new school/college.


I will be highly obliged to you for this kind proceed.


Thanking you;

Yours sincerely,


Admission Department name…