Sample Application: Apply For Visa to Work in Foreign Country

Apply For Visa to Work in Foreign Country


The Vice Chancellor/Principle/Higher Authority,

University name….

University Address…


Subject: Application for a Work Visa


Dear Sir,

This  is to inform that I have been offered a temporary post of (Job Position…) within your prestigious institution (University name…). I will be requiring visa that will allow me to work in your country for (how many years). My (family member like wife, brother, sister, parents…) will also accompany me.

I want you to kindly present me information about the process and applications for the suitable visa or work permit. I am going to arrive before (specific date…) of this year and I would appreciate receiving the information as soon as possible. It would be a great favor for me as I have to do all the necessary document preparations. I shall be waiting for spontaneous response.





University/Institute name….