Sample Application for Appointment as Vechicle Driver

Sample Application for Appointment as Vehicle Driver


The Director/Manager/HR Admin,

Company Name…,

City Address…


Subject: Request for Appointment as Vehicle Driver


MR./Mrs. XYZ,

It is stated that Mr. (Full Name); Security Guard is performing his duty against the post of Dispatch Delivery Boy (name of requirement post), in chairman office (city name).

As the official hold the L.T.V Liense, therefore his service were attached on vehicle no …., vide this office no:… dated dd/mm/yyyy. In compliance of the order, the official run and maintained the vehicle for more than one year satisfactorily. He off and on drive the vehicle as and when required in the absence of the driver.

His performance is very good. It is therefore, recommended that if possible, the official may be considered for the post of Vehicle Driver.

Hopefully You will find him honest and sincere to his job.


Your Sincerely,


Manager Administration/HR Admin,