Sample Application for Scholarship for Higher Studies Abroad

Sample Application for Scholarship


The Education Board/Secretary….

Education Board, City Name….

City Address….

Subject: Grant of Scholarship for Higher Studies Abroad

Respected Sir,

I respectfully beg to apply for the allowance of scholarship to me for higher studies abroad to continue my studies in the world’s alleged university (name…). I hereby submit the following facts for your sympathetic concern. I have recently passed my (Degree name…) with A+ grade. I have obtained X% marks in the examination. Throughout my educational career, I have got A-Grade or A+ grade. I have also completed a research project during my (Degree name..). I want to do (Higher Degree name) from a foreign university (name…).

I have also written a book on (Subject bane, example: business communication) which has been published. I have also written few articles on (Subject name, like: business Environment) in a well known newspaper.

Sir, I belong to a very respectable family and my father is running a business (state as your father do) at low level. My father has a large family to support and he cannot afford the expenses of sending me abroad. In view of the above facts, I hope that you will allowance me scholarship to study abroad. Hoping for a positive assessment and thanking you in anticipation.

(Certificates and attested photocopies of required documents are attached with the application.)

Yours Faithfully,

X.Y.Z  Name….

Subject and department name…

Registration no…

Contact no….