Sample Application for Hostel Allotment

Sample Application for Hostel Allotment

The Principal/Supervisor,

Institute name….


Subject: Application for Hostel Allotment


Most respectfully it is stated that I am (Student name) and I have applied for my (degree name…) in this University. Fortunately, I am on merit in, (Subject, degree and Department name). It is requested that I belong to Quetta and being a border. I will need to be in University Hostel. In this city neither I have relatives not I am capable of living somewhere on rent.

Sir, I request you to kindly, allot me a hostel room so that I won’t undergo from any transportation or other problems. I assure you that I will show good manners. Attached is the filled form for hostel allotment. It would be a vast favor for me and I shall be grateful to you.

Yours Obediently,


Contact name….