Sample Application for Issuing Credit Card

Sample Application for Issuing Credit Card


The Branch Manager

Bank name….

Branch Name…



Subject: Application for Issuing Credit Card.


Dear Sir,

It is stated that, I am having an account in your bank from more than (how many years…) years till now. I had made all the transaction via cheque. I was working in a construction company (job/business name….) as an engineer. I now had established my own company (company name…) with the help of my partner. In some cases we need money for our contracts as the contractor (other purpose…) does not provide full amount for the contract. So there is a big problem to resolve this issue.

I humbly request you that kindly help me by making a credit card as soon as possible. By the facility of credit card I can get money from the bank easily whenever I want to, that I will pay according to the bank policy. I will be very grateful to you.


Yours Truly,


Job designation/Business name….


Account title:

Account number:

Date and Sign…..