Sample Ceremony Agenda Format

Sample Ceremony Agenda Format

[The agenda for the ceremony needs to be prepared in advance to intimate the invitee that he or she is invited to attend the ceremony on a particular day. A ceremony agenda is better prepared by an individual who has the experience needed to handle such matters most appropriately.]

Points to consider while drafting Ceremony Agendas –

  • Ceremonies are usually held on a particular date and at a particular time.
  • The reason why the ceremonies being held must be highlighted.
  • The name of the sender, address, & contact details must be provided on the agenda.
  • The name of the invitee, address, & contact details must also be present.
  • The total time dedicated for the ceremony may also be mentioned on the agenda.

Example of Ceremony Agenda –

Ribbon-Cutting Agenda of ABC Company (Agenda Subject)

[Day and date of ceremony],

[Time of the ceremony].

2 PM to 2:15 PM — meet in the lobby for greetings and slide presentation of the construction activity.

2:15 PM to 2:20 PM — opening remarks by the contractors appointed to construct the airport.

2:15 PM to 2:30 PM — remarks by Minister of Interior [name of the minister] [5 to 10 minutes].

2:30 PM to 2:40 PM — remarks by the minister of state [name of the minister] [5 to 10 minutes].

2:40 PM to 2:50 PM — remarks by aviation minister [name of the minister] [5 to 10 minutes].

2:50 PM to 2:55 PM — closing remarks by aeronautics director [name of the individual] [5 minutes].

3 PM to 3:15 PM — move outside for the ribbon-cutting and pictures [20 minutes] – invitees for the ribbon-cutting [ministry of interior, minister of state, & Minister of aviation].

3:15 PM to 3:30 PM — a tour of the airport along with the invitees.


Another Example of Ceremony Agenda –

Retirement Ceremony Information Sheet (Agenda Subject)

Name of The Retiree ……

Full name [last, middle, 1st] ……

Rank and rate …..

Department/division …..

Social Security number …..

Office and home telephone numbers …..

Date of the ceremony …..

Location of the ceremony …..

Date of the retirement …..

Where would the retiree like the flag to be flown …..

The date when the retiree joined the Navy …..

Name of the sponsor [sponsors is required to take up the responsibility to ensure that the assigned tasks are according to schedule and should act as the primary point of contact for all matters related to the ceremony. The sponsor should be familiar with the aspects and contents of the request of the retiree to ensure that all items are submitted on time].

Sponsor’s name — full name of the sponsor, organization and all contact details.

[Note: The reasons why ceremonies can or are held are diverse as the people who may be attending the ceremony. The individual responsible for creating the ceremony agenda must ensure that the language used is formal and always makes an attempt to make the invitee feel that his or her attendance to the ceremony is highly valued because it is the key to ensure they attend.]