Sample Complaint Letter Against Army Officer

Sample Complaint Letter Against Army Officer

[This is a Sample Complaint Letter Against Army Officer. Here you can learn how to write a complaint against army personnel who misused his post and power, army security, police, policy security etc army vehicle, misuse of authority etc.]


The Commandant, (Job designation)

Force name…(E.g, Border Security Forces)


Sub: Complaint Letter Against Army Personnel

Dear Sir,

It is stated with regret that one of the army personnel working under your command has misused his post and power while dealing with a civilian of (Area/City name). (Describe your actual problem and situation).

Sir, I have a small property in shape of a vacant plot adjacent to the check post in the east zone (Area name) near  (City name). (Name) who is working as a (job designation) in (Service/Force name) has constructed a temporary house on my plot without my permission and consent. Having seen all this, I attended his office with a written request to abolish the said house and hand over the plot to me being its owner. While I was sitting in his office he not only treated me with an insult but also refused bluntly to abolish the house.

As you are serving the whole nation and belong to a prestigious institute of our country, I did not know any other door but only your office because I believe who serve this country at its boundaries can take care of its inhabitant much better way than any other.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned facts, Sir I request you to please take necessary action for the act of confiscating my property and get it cleared from Mr. Parkash so that I could use it for my own purpose.

An early and favorable response from your side in this regard shall be highly praised.

Thanking you.

Your name…


Contact no. and signature…