Sample Letter to Lawyer Requesting Refund

Sample Letter to Lawyer Requesting Refund

[Here briefly focus on Sample Letter to Lawyer Requesting Refund. You can use this letter for any kind of payment return like membership fee etc. You can modify these formats as your requirement.]


Lawyer Name…

Practising Address…

Sub: Letter for Requesting Refund

Respected Staff,

My name is (Name) and I am writing this letter to bring this to your kind notice that I brought a case to your firm regarding property endorsements and later on there was a change in the lawyer that was handling my case. I reported earlier on, that I am not satisfied with the performance of this lawyer and I requested that my lawyer should be changed as soon as possible. (Show your actual causes and problems). This never happened and now I am at the end of my hearings. I submitted a full fee to your firm in advance under the Tag#12345. The fee was (Amount of money) and now I want the full refund of my deposit as I am not satisfied with the performance of your firm. I hope that you will take my letter seriously and refund me my money in 2-3 working days.

I hope to hear your positive response soon enough.

Case No#12345

Your name…

Contact no. and Signature…


Another format,


Name of your Attorney…

Full Address of attorney…

Subject: Requesting to refund retainer fee

Dear sir,

I, (Your name here), became a client for you on [Write the date of meeting/agreement here). I have paid retainer fee. Still, now no action is taken from your end to resolve my issue, (Write the exact issue here). Now I want to close this client agreement and don’t require your service in this matter. I hereby request you to refund the retainer fee that I paid. You may cut down some amount for the period you were with me in assisting the legal matter. Please refund the retainer fee as early as possible.

Thanks for co-operation.

Yours truly,

Your Name