Sample Loan Rejection Letter format to Customer

Sample Loan Rejection Letter format to Customer

[Here briefly describe on Sample letter to client for rejection of loan request application letter from a bank. These are the Letter to inform the client that loan request has been rejected and objections with causes. You can modify this format as your requirement.]


Client name…

Client Address…

Sub: Letter for Rejection of the loan request

Respected Customer,

This letter is to notify you about the rejection of your loan request that you submitted at (Bank and branch name).  Unfortunately, You were failed to fulfill the criteria that are must for the loan approval at our bank or the credentials and assets that you provided failed to be verified by our verification team. (show actual problem and situation). Thanks for showing interest in our loan scheme.

You may contact the concerned branch for further queries if any.

Loan Department,

Bank name…

Branch name and Address…


Another format,

From(Bank Name)



(Client Name)


Re.: Loan Rejection Letter

Dear Sir,

With reference to your application for loan dated (date), we have to say that it is against the bank policy to sanction loan for buying a (Product Name). I regret to say ‘no’ to your request but hope that you will appreciate that we cannot go against bank regulations. (show actual problem and situation).

We trust you will avail yourself of our other services.

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name)

Branch Manager.