Sample Recommendation Letter for Student for College Admission

Sample Recommendation Letter for Student for College Admission

[This is a Sample Recommendation Letter for Student for College Admission. You can follow this sample as a sample format in recommendation letters to a student who will be going off to college next year. As these students have devoted a huge time of their life to an institution learning and growing up in it, there is not a person more suitable to write them a recommendation letter than a teacher who knows them so well.]

Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

To whom it may concern,

I am a professor who has been teaching students at (University/Institute name) for the past five/ten years (More/less). I am writing to recommend a student, (Student name), who has shown exceptional capability in performing his tasks as my student. In our class of roughly two hundred students (More/less), (Student name) has achieved one of the highest merits in the A/O levels (achievement type) of our class. (Student name) is extremely hard-working, and has never missed a day of class; except due to certain family emergencies. (Describe in your own words). He is very well-mannered and does not complain or start any issues if asked to complete a task.

I believe that both merit and personality go hand in hand and this student of mine has demonstrated remarkable qualities in all.

For all the reasons stated, it is therefore that I strongly recommend allowing this student to go to this college. I believe (Student name) will be a unique student who will never disappoint, will perform his tasks on time and without question while showing great knowledge of all subjects.

I hereby formally recommend (Student name) to this college.


Your name…

Professor…(Subject name)

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