Sample Travel Agenda Format

Sample Travel Agenda Format

[A travel agenda is written for an individual who has decided to travel for personal or business reasons. A travel agenda is a document which is needed by a person, group, unit or organization which is planning a visit either for business or leisure.]

Points to consider while drafting Travel Agendas

  • The purpose of the trip as well as the destination are important points and must not be ignored on the agenda.
  • The date of departure and expected return date along with the time should be noted down.
  • Arrangements made for accommodation during the travel including the names, addresses, phone numbers of the hotel must also be included.
  • It would be beneficial to carry guides of cities which are available from all travel agents particularly for the cities which the individual is planning to travel.

Example of Travel Agenda –

Sports Club (Name) Travel Itinerary Form (Name of the Travel Agenda)

Name of the Club: (Name of the Travel Agenda)

Purpose Of the Trip: (Briefly describe on purpose of the travel)

Destination: (City/Area and Country name)

Dates of Departure And Time:

Date of Return And Time:

Mode of Transportation: (As your requirement)

  • SAC Van.
  • Rental Van.
  • Train.
  • Airplane.
  • Personal car.


  • Hotel.
  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Phone number.
  • The number of rooms.
  • City, state and ZIP Code.

[Note: For weekend travel the travel itinerary form must be submitted to the office by (Date and Time). Questions if any may be put forward to the assistant director of sports clubs in the office of recreation. A list of all participants that are traveling from the club on the scheduled trip must also be attached.]


Another format,

The government Department (Name) Of Health Travel Plan (Purpose)

Name of the Hospital (Institute name)

[Date: DD/MM/YY]

This document should be used in conjunction with:

  • Travel plan guidance notes.
  • Access and parking strategy for health campuses in the Perth metropolitan area.

Current travel plans –

Site assessment.

Location and facilities.

  • Description of the sites.
  • Description and assessment of current facilities which encourage sustainable travel.
  • Description and assessment of current site barriers for encouraging sustainable travel.

Size of health campus.

  • The number of staff.
  • Number and type of persons accessing the site other than visitors such as patients, contractors, and deliveries.

The activity of the organization.

  • What activities occur on the site.
  • How the nature of activities affects travel to and from the site.

Development plans.

  • Likelihood of expansion.
  • Change in staff numbers and related activities.
  • Identify how local transport initiatives may affect the site.

Review of current HR and other policies.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Working from home.
  • Any other methods suggested.

[Note: It is a document which travelers should be pleased to have because it can be helpful for them in many ways.]