My School or College Canteen

A canteen is a place where meals are provided. The price of meals here is usually cheap. A canteen is required in a school/college. Students and teachers need Tiffin during recess. Sometimes a student may not carry his Tiffin from home. Its importance is really great. There is a big and nice canteen in our school/college. It is kept neat and clean. There is no smoke of bad smell. It is in the corner of our school/college. It has been given on contract. The man who runs it is a good fellow. There is a committee to look after this and its arrangements. We can get refreshments here. We need not go to the wayside canteens and restaurants for our mid-day meal or Tiffin. Among the items of food that are being supplied in the canteen are rice, singara, pastry, tea, and other cold drinks. Students generally rush to the canteen during the Tiffin hour. The importance of school/college canteen beggars description. It is very important for an institution because students can take food from there without going to outside restaurants or hotels. Besides, it also assures safe food that is impossible to elsewhere. Some students have to come in school/college from a distance places. They become hungry. They need to take some snacks. All the students can take some food from the school/college canteen. The canteen opens daily with the beginning of the normal works of the school/college and closes in the evening. In a canteen, there are chairs and tables. The canteen is restricted to outsiders. The prices of eatables, tea soft drinks are fixed. Everything here is fresh. Fruits are also sold here. Our principal often makes a surprise check of the canteen.

Sometimes, a flower garden is by the side of the school/college canteen. The walls are decorated with nice pictures. Generally, students come to the school/college canteen for taking food. But some of them also pass time there by gossiping. Sometimes, they also discuss the affairs of home and abroad which help to enrich their knowledge. A school/college canteen is a part and parcel of school/college life. It is very useful for students.