Self-employment means to create Job opportunity for one by one’s own effort. As we have a huge population, we cannot provide them all with employment opportunities. Consequently, we need to inspire the educated but unemployed youths to have recourse to self-employment. A man can explore his qualities, capacities, and qualifications for formulating scopes of employment. People can open small-scale industries or business of their own. The atmosphere of our country getting congenial to self-employment. Nowadays, even educated young people are opening farms. There are a good number of sectors for launching enterprise for self-employment; Microcredit programs of different nationalized banks credit organizations and especially Grameen Bank are encouraging for the entrepreneur. Such micro-credit programs are under the scheme of the fishery, pisciculture, dairy, poultry raising, vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, etc. The government should also liberalize the loan policy so that the able young man educated or uneducated may have easy access to facilities given by the government. Thus we can make it more popular. In the face of failure, a self-employed man does not lose esteem and this gains him the esteem of the world. A self-employed person may work for his own prosperity and well being. If we think poorly about our own abilities if we look to others for guidance at every step. We cannot expect others to raise us high and put confidence in us.