Self Reliance

Self reliance means independence. In order to succeed in life, man is to practice a different virtue. Self-reliance is one of them. The habit of doing our own work ourselves without depending on others is called self-reliance. It inspires us to stand on our own legs. It is a noble quality in human nature and is found in the life of all great men and women. Our abilities and capabilities are determined by our performance. If we work well and work solely based on our talent, we won’t need anybody’s help to accomplish our goals and success. Of course, it is not possible for any man to do all his work himself, especially in these days when life has become so complex. Self reliance is always good. It develops our thoughts and understandings. There is nothing bad in becoming self reliant. It makes our life better in every aspect. Self reliance allows you to build a better world as we never expect someone to work on your behalf, or never use the ability of one to make our life better. However, the progress and prosperity of a man, as well as a nation solely depends on this great virtue. There is at proverb that God helps those who help themselves, to depend on others is a great curse. Without self-reliance, nobody can prosper and do full justice to his duties. It is essential for every success in life. Great nations do not depend on others. If we can do our work after much labor without the help of others, we will get heavenly satisfaction. A self-reliant man always brings in energy and strength. He is brave and determined. He seeks no outside help, no pretense, no support, but struggles himself against all odds and oddities of life. This enriches his experiences. The experiences thus gained embolden him all the more. He is not concerned for failure or success. His sole concern is his target. Self reliance teaches us to have faith in our self. And as we know, a confident person often does well in every aspect of life. So, learn to be self reliant. It has many great benefits to enjoy. Being self reliant, we will also be able to make the lives of our loved ones better. Self reliance also brings pleasure and prosperity in life.