Session Jam

Session jam is a common scenario in our educational institutions, especially in the public colleges and universities of Bangladesh. Many factors are responsible for this. Political restlessness and violence in the campus is the main reason. Most often, educational institutions are shut down to avoid Clashes between rival student groups. Sometimes, student organizations call for strike in the campus demanding postponement of the exams, concession of the tuition fees, etc. These activities harm the educational atmosphere and hamper the normal running course of the institutions. Political parties very often call a strike and such other programs which also affect the education sector. Sometimes teachers and their organizations go for movement to bring home their demands by avoiding classes and respective duties. Also, natural calamities and any sudden mishap negatively affect the academic session. All these cumulatively harm the normal course of the academic session and result in session jam. Session jam takes away many valuable years from a student’s life. As a result, they suffer financially and academically. They have to spend more money and more time quite unnecessarily for which they are not responsible. Students must come forward, be aware, raise their voice against shout this evil and also refrain from dirty power politics to solve this problem. It harms not only a single person but also all over the country. If this problem increases day by day, Bangladesh will have to face a critical situation. In developed countries, this kind of problem is very rare. In our country, everybody feels this problem, but nobody takes proper step to remove it. The bad effects of Session Jam are very dangerous. It ruins our social status. Besides, authorities should be more strict in their administration and to find out effective way to engage students in study all the year round and finish the courses in time. A coordinated effort by all can reduce session jam to a great extent. Not only the government but also politicians, thinkers, social workers and all the people of Bangladesh have to be more conscious of removing this problem. Telling in short, to develop our country, we all have to try to stop Session Jam.