A Stormy Night

A stormy night is full of panic and fright. There is a terrible sound all around. The wind blows violently. The whole sky is overcast with clouds. It occurs specially in the month of Chaitra and Baishakh. Nature looks very gloomy in a stormy night. Thunderbolts and flashes of lighting frighten the people. The whole sky was overcast with clouds. Rains poured in torrents. There were violent winds. It seems that everything is getting crashed. Generally, the storm lasts for two or three hours. After the storm, a scene of havoc is seen all around. A lot of trees and plants were uprooted and big branches were broken down. Almost all the roads were blocked by uprooted trees and broken branches. Many houses are blown away and many people become homeless and helpless. Trees are uprooted. In a word, it causes great loss of life and property. However, a stormy night is a night of horror and destruction. So a stormy night is always fearsome and unwelcome. Usually a stormy night leaves a scene of destruction and chaos. A stormy night sweeps away the old and creates an environment for everything new. Storm prone areas should be marked well and houses should be built strongly to survive the severity of storm. In a stormy night, nature becomes furious and causes damage of our life and property. It sometimes damages our crops. It causes our economic losses. A stormy night is really dreadful to us.