Summer Fruits Of Bangladesh

Summer is a significant season blessed with various kinds of fruits. These fruits are of different kinds, colors, sizes and taste. Some are big and some are small. Some taste sweet and some taste sour. Some are solid and some are juicy. Mango: Mango is the “king of fruits” in Bangladesh. It is the fruits of summer season. There are many varieties of mangoes. They are Langra, Fazli, Gopalbhog, Mohanbhog etc. These mangoes are famous for taste, flavor, and sweetness. Fazli is also famous for its size and sweet taste. Mangoes grow in plenty in Rajshahi. Dinajpur and Borga. The jack fruit is the biggest fruit in our country. It is also a summer fruit. It is delicious and sweet to taste. It is green in color but inside is yellow. It has a rough and prickly skin. Inside the skin the fruits are found to be composed of many flakes. Each of the flakes contains a stone. Jack fruit grows in plenty in hilly areas of Chittagong and Sylhet and in the high land of Dhaka, Narsingdi, Mymensingh, and Comilla. It is our national fruit. Banana is another popular fruit in our country. It grows in plenty throughout the whole year in all parts of our country. There are many kinds of bananas such as the champa, the sabri, the amritsagar. Amritsagar of Dhaka and Sabri of Mymensingh are the best. Banana is delicious and nutritious. The green plantain is eaten as vegetables. Banana has high demand throughout the year. The coconut is another delicious fruit. It is a common fruit; it grows everywhere in Bangladesh but in plenty in the district of Khulna, Barisal, and Patuakhali. Its sweet and cold Water quenches our thirst in hot summer. Its kernel is a tasty food. The pine apple is another good fruit. It is a common fruit. It is a fruit of rainy season. It grows in plenty in Sylhet. It is very sweet. The lichies of Rajshahi are most famous. Children are fond of lichies. The Guava tree is an evergreen tree. The Guava Fruit can be round, or pear-shaped. The skin is green, usually ripening to yellow. Some varieties have thin skin and many seeds inside; others will have thick skin and few seeds. Inside, the fruit can be white, yellow, pink or red. Some Guava Fruit are sweet. It can be eaten as fresh or cook with. If eaten raw, owing to the seeds Guava Fruit are better seeded and then chopped or sliced as a dessert or in a fruit salad.

Jam is a common fruit. In our country, Black Berry (Kalo Jam) is seen to be produced and sold in market. The season of the fruit is May to June. The soft fruit is popular for use in desserts, jams, seedless jellies, etc. The blackberry naturally occurs chemicals that can up regulate certain beneficial metabolic processes in mammals. The astringent blackberry root is sometimes used in herbal medicine as a treatment for diarrhea and dysentery. Besides these, there are many other kinds of fruits which have enriched Bangladesh with nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.