Suspension Notice regarding Misconduct at the Workplace

[Suspension notices are documents that inform the guilty employee that they will be suspended from work for a specified period of time. Employees and coworkers regularly send formal complaint letters to company executives and managers. The complaints could be about an employee’s misbehavior at work or about something else. Regardless of the type of complaint received, management must conduct an investigation as soon as possible. Following the completion of the investigations, management can consider the disciplinary action that should be taken against the employee. If the individual is found to be guilty and shows no signs of improvement, management may consider suspending him or her. The employer must state the reasons for the suspension in the provided letter.]


Name and Designation…

Contact Numbers Of the Issuing Authority…

Date: DD/MM/YY


Employee Name,


 Subject: Notice of Suspension without Pay

Dear [Name of the Employee],

I am disappointed to receive several complaints from your co-workers regarding your offensive behavior at work. (Describe in your words). We have had a discussion regarding this issue in the past and also issued a written notice to you to improve your behavior. (Describe all about the situation). The latest reports indicate you have not made any efforts to change and continue to offend your co-workers regularly.

Your behavior is causing a great deal of concern among us as your employers as well as your colleagues who are refusing to have any association with you. (Describe actual problem and situation). Therefore, we have decided to issue a suspension notice to you which will be valid from [date] to [date]. (Focus on company policy). You are advised not to report for work on the dates mentioned on the suspension notice. You will not be paid any remuneration during the suspension period.

I sincerely hope that the suspension will make you realize that you cannot continue with your offensive behavior and need to change the same with immediate effect. (Explain your expectation). Any further offenses on your part will invite sterner action in the form of extended suspensions or retrenchment from your job. (Focus office order).

I advise you to consider this letter with the seriousness it deserves and make every attempt to change your behavior to become an acceptable colleague to the entire organization. (Cordially describe your greetings and recommendations).

Yours sincerely,

[Signature of the issuing authority],

[Name of the signatory with address and contact details].