Sympathy Letter for someone’s misfortune

Sympathy Letter for someone’s misfortune

[Here briefly describe on Sample Sympathy Letter for someone’s misfortune. Sympathy is the perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or need of another life form. It is the feeling that one understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions. In simple terms, sympathy is the power of sharing the feelings of another, especially in sorrow or trouble, it is the feeling of pity for someone else’s misfortune. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]


Sender/Your Name…

Address and Contact Info…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on which letter is written)


Receiver Name…

Address and Contact Info…

Subject: (the Main purpose of writing the letter)

Respected (Sir/ Madam)

It is tough to believe that (the name of the company) is sacking you. The management does not acknowledge an important resource like you although you had been working under the same roof for years. (Describe in your words).

Once I lost my job, it gave the look of the globe. However, things quickly were set to the right track. (Describe your thoughts). I am assured that this closing can just be a chance to prove your resourcefulness, and you will land a decent job in no time. If you prefer to supply your services to my firm, please forward your resume so that I can provide it to the partners. (Express your feelings).

I am pretty sure that you will come up with something. You will always find me beside you. (Cordially describe your greetings and recommendation). I will be there to support you. If you require any kind of help, please ask for it.

Thanking you.

Warm regards,

(Name and signature of the sender)

(Name of the organization)


Another Format, [Email Format]

From: Sender mail address,

To: Receiver mail address,

Subject: ( Main purpose of writing the mail)

Dear (Name of the recipient)

I was so shocked to hear about the (Describe what happen) that broke into your house last week, but I’m glad that you and the rest of the family members are safe and unhurt. (Describe in your words). I am sorry for the huge loss you have to face; I know you and your loved ones have shared so many special times there. (Describe your thoughts).

I would like to offer my home as often as you need it and I’ll be glad to help you with the construction and decoration of your new place when it comes to that. (Express your feelings).

Please give me your (Bank account/balance transfer account) so that I can transfer some money, though I know the loss is huge. Please accept my request and give me a chance to help you. (Cordially describe your greetings and recommendation).

Please respond to this mail as soon as possible and let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I’ll be visiting your place shortly.

Take care!

With warm regards,

(Name of the sender)