Teachers Good and Bad

Teachers Good and Bad

Teachers can be loving, involved, and caring. But some can be unfair and egotistical. Having been in school for a number of years now, I have come across many types of teachers. Some are good while some are not so good.
A good teacher will make their students comfortable. The good ones are those who put effort into their work. They care for the welfare of their students. They genuinely want to teach us what they know. So despite their weaknesses, we love and respect them. Good teachers, who really understand and relate to there students are those who listen.

Our present class teacher, (name), is a model teacher. He not only teaches us English but more importantly, what it means to be a human being. He is consistent in being organized, grading, and treating the students equally. He is invariably patient, very approachable and always has a practical solution to any problem anyone may present to him. We are grateful for his guidance and advice.

On the other hand, our Mathematics teacher is the worst of the lot. A bad teacher is the complete opposite of a good teacher. He comes in half-drunk and with a cigarette in his hand. Normally he just sits at the table and tells us to do exercise this or that. Sometimes he does not come at all. Rarely does he teach? When he does, it is almost impossible to follow him. His hands tremble and his speech is incoherent. So we are left to our own devices. Fortunately for me, Mathematics is not too difficult. So I can cope, even without a teacher. Unfortunately for some, it means the difference between passing or failing. So some of them have resorted to taking private tuition.

Students have all experienced good and bad teachers. In between these two are the other teachers. Some are good in some ways and bad in others. I think there are a few things that separate a good teacher from a bad teacher: how they teach the class, what they are teaching the class etc. However, all of them are predictable. So we know what to do when in their presence. The good ones we appreciate and respect. The bad ones we tolerate. It is not just the teacher’s tone, teaching methods and availability that makes a great teacher, good and a bad teacher, terrible.

It is not for me to judge the teachers. There are many components that come together to make good and bad teachers. They run their lives as they see fit. I wonder what they will write about us if they were to write an essay entitled “Students, Good And Bad”.  Being a great teacher does not happen overnight, it takes much experience and it involves working hard every day in and out of the classroom.