Teaching Responsibility to Children – an Open Speech

Children learn by example. If parents understand their role from the very beginning, they can play a major role in molding their children in the right manner to a large extent.

It has been said that the values and ideas we want to teach the children should be done in the early years. If this teaching-learning period is handled responsibly by parents and guardians, a lot can be achieved. Good habits can be imparted in the early years. Simple courtesies should be taught right from the beginning. Parents must talk politely to their children and expect the same from them. All rude responses must be firmly rejected.

Children must be taught to be part of the family by giving them simple duties as early as possible. Duties can be as simple as putting toys away when the children are done playing with them. They can be taught to put away their clothes or shoes in the respective places on a daily basis. Children are quick to learn, and good habits formed during this time will stay for a lifetime.

Nowadays, affluent families hire maids, and children are not expected to do things for themselves in some homes. This can be detrimental if children are allowed to be rude to maids. They may also think that they need not do anything as the maids are there to see to their every whim and fancy. Parents should think carefully and make sure that they are doing the right thing towards nurturing good values in their children. It will be too bad if the parents find that the children have become spoilt and irresponsible just because the parents have failed to teach them the right values.

Children should be taught to sit down and play quietly or read a book if they can. In creating this habit, parents play a vital role as they too have to sit down and occupy themselves. In this fast world, everyone expects to be entertained. They want things to be exciting and fast-moving. If parents themselves do not read or spend time quietly, it is hard to expect the children to do so.

Of course, we must also realize that some children will be different. They will not always follow what parents instruct them to do. They will want to test the limits set and want to be individualistic. Parents may have to allow some leeway so that creativity and inventiveness can be nurtured. While some amount of discipline is good, it must not be allowed to destroy their imaginative nature.

Children can be taught responsibility by parents from young. It is not an easy task but it can be done.