Termination Letter Format with Cause

Termination Letter Format with Cause

Date: xx-xx-xx



Subject: Termination Letter

Dear (Name),

We regret to inform you but your journey with (Company/Organization Name) has come to an end. This letter will serve as official intimation to notify you that you have been fired from the designation of (Designation/Position Name). The reason for this unfortunate termination is simple and you’re very well aware of your shortcomings. You have not proved yourself to be competent enough to deal under various circumstances and you have lack of time management skill.

You have already been warned several times to improve your gesture towards your work but you are not successful in doing so. Owing to the mentioned reasons management had to take this crucial step of your termination and looking up for a new candidate which may fulfill the strict criteria. We hope that you will do your best to overcome your flaws and apart from this you had work experience of one year which would be beneficial for your further job career.

We wish you good luck for your future endeavors.




(Company/Organization Name)