The CIA Once Tried To Communicate With Ancient Martians Using a Psychic

In 1984, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) conducted a manuscript interview when they used “remote view” to travel to Mars a million years ago.

While going through this experience outside of the body-experience, the person explains the surreal philosophy of their ancient Mars, full of pyramidal habitation and the threat of an existence of restless Martians. It may not sound like the typical job of an intelligence agency, especially in the heat of the Cold War, but the CIA saw bizarre emotional events, “remote views”, and the possibility of outsourcing human society in the 80’s.

The undisclosed document of 1984 – only entitled “Exploration of Mars” – details the strangeness of this bizarre story, where CIA agents conducted a kind of psychological interview while “visiting” Mars a million years ago. The psychic is trying to describe the physical out-of-the-way experience as it happens, while CIA agents try to handle the process and often tell them to “report raw information” and “raw ideas”. As this vision-like vision unfolds, psychics claim to have seen unusual geological forms and pyramids across the dusty landscape of Mars. This journey to ancient Mars eventually led the narrator to search for a large group of aliens.

The mental report says, “I only see very big people. They look thin and tall, but they are very big. Psychologically, the Martians somehow faced an environmental catastrophe. They said the Martians built pyramid-like structures and warren as they planned to take refuge from the oncoming storms. “It’s like ah … a strictly functional place to sleep or, it’s not a good sound, hibernations, some form, I can’t, I can’t sleep through real raw input, storms, barbaric storms and hurricanes,” the report said. .

“They are ancient people. They are ah … they are dying, their time or age has passed … they are very philosophical about it [sic]. Ah, they are looking for a way to survive and they cannot.” Some aliens seem to have begun work to find a new home, but many are stuck on Mars hoping to survive the environmental collapse around them.