The Historic 7th March Speech

The Historic 7th March Speech in 1971, delivered by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman attaches great importance in our national life. Following this decisive speech, people of all walks of life got prepared to take part in the Liberation War and finally achieved independence. Bangabandhu in this speech put up all the oppression, the cruelty of Pakistani rulers to the huge audience, which inflamed their sense of reason. He asked the common people to stop all the official activities. He requested the people to convert every house into a fort and confront the enemy with whatever they had. In short, he decisively permitted the people to take up weapons against the enemy. In this speech, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman put up the picture of cruel activities carried on the Bangalees by the Pakistani rulers. He highlighted all the exploitations of the Pakistani rules. At this people got extremely enraged and pledged to liberate the country even at the cost of their life. Bangabandhu said he did not want the office of Prime Minister, he wanted the Bangalee people to have their rights. Before the Liberation War, this was the last speech of Bangabandhu and people being immensely influenced by it attacked the Pakistani armies’ heart and soul. Eventually, people won victory over the cowards and achieved independence. Thus the importance of the 7th March Speech is immeasurable.