The importance of a healthy lifestyle – an Open Speech

Recently, it was reported that Malaysia has the highest number of overweight people in Southeast Asia. This tells us that Malaysians have an unhealthy lifestyle. The Ministry of Health is trying to educate people about the importance of eating healthily and exercising regularly. A healthy lifestyle leads to good health. There are strong reasons why good health is important.

Firstly, good health makes it possible for us to lead a normal life and to work, study and play freely. A healthy body is essential for the physical activity involved in working or playing with our friends. For example, to play football with your friends without easily getting tired, you need to be healthy. Also, scientists have found that healthy people concentrate better and remember things better. This means that we actually study and work better if we have good health.

Leading a healthy lifestyle will also help us to live longer. An unhealthy lifestyle that involves eating too much or too little, having insufficient sleep, not exercising, smoking, and drinking alcohol is a one-way ticket to ill health and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. These diseases are also known as lifestyle diseases because they are often the result of the unhealthy way we live. Needless to say, these diseases would send us to an early grave. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is essential to a long life.

In addition, good health makes us feel good. Some may think that not being able to eat all the food we like or having to exercise is too troublesome and will cause us to suffer. This is not true, as exercise and a healthy diet have both been shown to improve mood, and raise self-esteem. For example, in the case of exercise, your brain releases natural painkilling chemicals called endorphins during your workout which work to improve mood and relieve stress. Furthermore, being in good health helps us to feel happier about ourselves.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle is important as it helps us to lead full and normal lives, live longer and feel happier. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is something that everyone should take care to practice.