The School/College Peon

Every office or institution has a peon. His service for office is necessary. His works have different importance. I have seen many peons at different offices. There are six peons in our school/college; all of them are hardworking and honest. But I like our Principal’s office peon. His duties are limited but important. One who sits outside the Principal’s office is also called a school/college peon. He is an important person. The principal knows that school/college cannot do without him. Mr. XYZ is the best peon, he hails from a village, and he is about fifty years old. He lives in a room near the school/college. He is always in khaki uniform during the school/college time. He tall and strong and he looks smart and cheerful. He is always punctual. He is true to his duty, and he is over humble and polite. He is obedient. He comes an hour before the opening of the school/college. He cleans the Principal’s room. He dusts desks, tables, and chairs in the classrooms. He then rings the bell.

As long as the school/college goes on, he sits near the Principal’s office. He carries out his orders. Sometimes he goes to post letters. Sometimes he has to go to the bank to deposit or withdraw school/college money. Sometimes he circulates an order in the classes. At other times he shows the visitors in. He does all this and other duties also. He goes on ringing the bell at the end of each period. Sometimes if he is irregular in his duties, everybody complains against him, because the school/college work begins to suffer. When it is time to close the school/college, he rings the close bell. He shuts all the doors and windows after the boys and girls have gone. He then puts the keys in his pocket and goes home. He is very popular in school/college. He is in the good books of the principal, but he leads a very hard life. He is low paid for his hard work, even when he is contented. His position is humble. But he has the qualities of a great man. He is a prince among the peons.