The Speech On Rain Water Harvesting

A very Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to Honorable Principal Sir/Madam, respected teachers, seniors, and my dear friends, Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Thank you all for taking out time and being present at this seminar session. Today, I would like to speech on the topic of “Rain Water Harvesting”. The most valuable natural resource, water, is rapidly depleting. It’s one thing we’ve been taking for granted for such a long time. But with the depleting water levels, we have become increasingly aware of the significance and need to save water. A very important practice is rainwater harvesting; this includes the capture and storage of rainwater in natural or man-made reservoirs in order to check the overflow of surface water.

Rainwater harvesting is important in many ways. Being the prime one, it’ll save us from water shortages. When we start rainwater harvesting, we have our own water source which can be used wisely. It is secure because it is the purest type, untouched by pipes of bacteria, viruses, chemicals and rust, and dirt. The stored water can also be used by people for agricultural purposes and for feeding their livestock. It also has the ability to stop drought-like conditions. In addition, collecting rainwater is so simple that it can be achieved by almost anyone. We need to promote this practice to help individuals quickly get access to clean water without any cost.

For such uses as landscape irrigation, animal rearing, planting, etc., rainwater harvesting is an interesting way to capture and store rainwater. We never make any attempts to save the water when the rain falls. Rainwater harvesting will also meet the ever-growing need for water and it is possible to increase the amount of water in the underground. It will also save water in drains and gutters from being wasted and waterlogging on the roads will also be stopped. It will stop soil erosion as well.

As we realize by means of now, rainwater harvesting could be very smooth and economical. The water can be collected from exclusive difficult surfaces, like terrace and/or other synthetic aboveground difficult surfaces. If the climate is dry, along with that of South Australia, the technique of rainwater harvesting can prove to be extremely beneficial for the environment. Many people now rely on groundwater for their consumption. In their location, many houses and even flats have submersible pumps. Because of heavy use, erosion, urbanization, and more, the groundwater is declining day by day.

Another way of collecting rainwater is known as rooftop harvesting. Surfaces such as metal sheets, tiles, and plastics, except pal leaf or grass, can be used in rooftop harvesting to obstruct the flow of rainwater and provide our homes with premium quality water to drink and make perennial storage facilities possible. Rooftop harvesting is efficient and very cost-effective. If used properly, it is able to additionally help in growing the groundwater stage of the vicinity. There are many rural households that must preserve all of the water for his or her property and rainwater extra regularly than now not offers comparatively a better great deliver to the family than the river, dams, or bore water.

However, rainwater harvesting is not only intended for rural areas, as many urban households are also connected to a reticulated, treated (main) water supply source. The use of main water sources can be considerably minimized by this form of rainwater harvesting. Most significantly, the harvesting of rainwater increases the water quality that we drink, since it is the purest source of water. Rainwater harvesting also enables overcomes the fear of stormwater runoff; as a consequence lowering the danger of neighborhood flooding or scouring of brooks.

Rainwater harvesting can also be carried out on an agricultural and household basis. It is an affordable and convenient way to deal with such crisis situations. The method of rainwater harvesting is gaining immense popularity as people become environmentally aware, thereby making eco-conservation and reasonable use of natural resources possible. People may have their own deliver of clean water, decreasing their water bill and ensuring that they in no way run short of water. All we need is the right gadget and the know-how of the manner of rainwater harvesting.

In the end, all I want to say is that it is our aggressive attitude to nature that has resulted in water sources being contaminated and rendering them unfit for drinking or other uses. Many countries in the world currently face water shortages and are thus resorting to this technique of rainwater harvesting for their survival. So I ask all of you to understand and resolve the seriousness of this problem by taking appropriate steps.

Hope you all have a great time.

Thank you all.