The Spring in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. Here every season comes with its own beauty. But the spring is called the king of seasons. This spring is a season of beauty and joy forever. It is the last of the seasons and occurs between winter and summer. It spreads over the Bangla months ‘Phalgun’ and ‘Chaitra’. It is the best, the loveliest and the most charming of all seasons. For its sweet-scented flowers, songs of birds and gentle breeze, vividness spring is called the ‘Rituraj’.

Nature becomes lively with the advent of spring. The summer season is very hot. The roasting sun, hot days and airless nights make life intolerable. The rainy season is dull. The autumn season is wet. The late autumn season is not enjoyable. The winter season is cold and gloomy. Spring has none of the inconveniences of these seasons. Every object of nature becomes fresh. Trees put forth new leaves. Flowers bloom in thousands. The tine display of color and fragrance, they present, is marvelous. The variety of their colors attracts bees and butterflies. They fly from flower to flower in search of honey.

Weather is normally pleasant, with 20 to 25 clouds covet, comfortable temperature and moderate relative humidity. The average temperature varies from 220 to 25° C. Relative humidity, ranges from 50 to 70 percent. However, the features during the early part of the season are lower than their respective average values. It is the harvest period. There is no want for food. This season is such a time when people enjoy good health and it makes them cheerful. Our poets are very much fond of spring. The infinite variety of its charms has made them fly ‘on the wings of poesy’. Occasionally, isolated thunderstorms may occur in the afternoon during the second half of the season.

A gentle breeze from the south begins to blow as soon as spring appears. t is the season of flowers. Rose, Kamini, Bakul, Rajanigandha, etc. are the special attraction of the spring. It spreads the sweet smell of flowers and makes the air fragrant. It produces a sweet rustling sound of the leaves. It is also a season of fruits. Mangoes and Jackfruits are the main fruits of this season. Besides, blackberry, litchi, watermelon, papaya, and apple are found at this time. Birds twitter in the branches of trees. And the cuckoo’s coo turns the world into almost a fairy place.

All beauties in this world are short-lived. Coming after winter, spring captivates the hearts of the people all at once. Hence the spring comes and goes almost in the twinkling of eyes. Its’ duration is so short that it disappears before we have just begun to realize its charm. Perhaps this is why people like it most.