The Worst and Best Sides of the People I Love – an Open Speech

I have always been very proud of my family, both as a unit as well as the individual personalities. Since young, our parents have always encouraged their four daughters to pursue their own interests as well as develop our sibling relationship into one that can withstand hardship. It is thus that my family is a potent combination of fraternity as well as individuality.

When we are together at social gatherings, we never fail to have a good time. This is us at our best adept at social interaction and making people feel at ease. Whether it is a party at our own house or one thrown by a friend or relative, we are always able to liven the atmosphere with our own particular brand of humor. Thus, it is not surprising that each sister has an active social life peopled by lots of friends.

Another instance of my family members being at their best is during discussions of political or social situations or issues. Being interested in the affairs around us, both regionally as well as internationally, we are keen on active and informed discussions at home. Our discussions are usually sharp and rapid, a testimony to our debating skills developed while at school.

But the one thing that my sisters are poor at is the planning of logistics for family outings. My eldest sister tends to be the one trying her level best to figure out the necessary logistics for the outing. But this usually ends in terrible chaos as we would find ourselves without things that we need for a barbecue or picnic. I remember once during a barbecue when we brought everything that we needed but the all-important charcoal! It was one hilarious party as we tried to figure out what to do without a fire.

When we are tired, we are probably at our grumpiest. Once this happens, we are unable to summon our usual good temper and gregarious personality, which creates real monsters out of us. We become terribly bad-tempered and sullen ogres whom our parents maintain a wide berth from. Once, my younger sister woke up late after a friend’s pajama party and was in such a foul mood that she practically radiated animosity the entire day! None of us dared to even cross her path that day.

However, whether we are at our best or worst, we still remain the tightly-knit family that keeps me feeling comforted and happy no matter what I encounter in my life.