This Classy Startup Is Working on Lab-Grown Elk, Wagyu Beef

The company, called Orbillion Bio, recently enjoyed its exotic Sanskrit meat products at an event space in San Francisco. The idea is to focus on replacing higher meats, which puts less pressure on them dramatically reduce prices in order to stay competitive, as in the case of lab-produced chicken or beef products.

“Orbillion produces thousands of tiny tissue samples using a uniquely significant development process, constantly repeating to find the best tissue and media combinations,” Orbillion investor Holly Jacobs told the site. “It’s much less expensive and more efficient than the traditional therapeutic approach and will enable them to respond faster to the impressive demands they are already facing.”

To CEO Patricia Bubner, it is about delivering an exciting new product instead of the one that everyone knows intimately. “I’m a fool, I’m a foodie and I really wanted to use it to change my skills.”

The growing process takes place in a small bioreactor system that uses existing cell lines from animals. When using process animals, the number of animals needed to produce meat is dramatically lower than in a traditional traditional slaughterhouse. “I have no doubt that a large percentage of our diet will be from alternative proteins – plant-based, fermented and lab-based meats,” he added.

According to Bubner, the company aims to launch “Wagyu Sashimi” by 2023. There remains a lot of challenges, including finding ways to increase the amount of meat that can grow at a stage where adequate amounts of meat can be grown. However, the company has great ambitions. Bubbler’s goal is to “make farmers breeders for meat,” which could “reduce the number of cows on the planet by a few million.”A select group of 20 staff and guests gathered at an event space in San Francisco Bay last week, and as they looked out over the Bay Bridge, they were lined up with a selection of favorite elk sausages, Wagyu meatloaf, and lamb burgers – all of which were born from Petri dishes. Dinner was an upcoming party for Orbillion Bio, a new startup pitching today on Y Combinator’s latest demo day, looking to take lab-enhanced meat from supermarkets to the high-end, bespoke butcher shops.