Traveling Approach – an Open Speech

Traveling Approach – an Open Speech

What kind of travelers have you met on your bus trips, train rides, boat rides, taxi trips, and plane flights? Do you like them or are you wary of them? To some, traveling alone is an interesting proposition but to some, it is a traumatic experience turning into a nightmare.

On short bus trips, where you just want to get on and hop off after a few buses stop, the people you meet are the daily commuters who are in a hurry to get to work or home. They are not much of a bother, some of them have even turned out to be very useful, helping you with your shopping bags or giving way to you.

However, on long haul bus journeys, it could well be a different situation altogether. Sometimes you sit alongside a pretty huge person who takes up more space than she should. To make matters worse, she is apparently not aware that she has taken up your seat space. It is all right if you are as thin as a rake but if you are somewhat nearer her size, it could be a tight squeeze. Whenever this happens to me, I remember a friend who buys two tickets, one for her portly figure and the other for her bag of goodies. sometimes, there are considerate fellow passengers who try not to encroach on your space.

Coming to train rides, on day trips, a train journey is quite boring. Co-passengers keep to their seats except for some who come heavily laden and shove all their belongings under their seats and yours as well. If there is not enough space, they hog the table and the upper luggage decks. Night journeys are normally quiet except when you get a snoring sleeper on the upper deck. If you are a light sleeper, then it is a night of lost sleep and tired limbs.

Riding in a boat is not a norm in urban areas, not discounting the river cruise. For someone who does not get seasick, a boat ride is just like any other means of transportation. However, on long boat rides, it can be rather intimidating when you turn a funny kind of green and blue. Your stomach does a funny churning and you feel like throwing up but does not. What irks you most of all is hen your traveling companions are fine and they look at you with strange looks at your clearly visible signs of discomfort. They obviously have no sympathy for you.

Taxis can be a quick means of getting from point A to point B. However, the picky taxi driver who refuses to use his meter or travel to a certain place can spoil your day. In another instance, the taxi driver who weaves his way in and out of traffic can put the fear of the Devil in you. On long-distance taxi trips, if you are sandwiched in the middle between two passengers in the rear seat, rest assured you are not going to have a comfortable journey. You should have purchased a bus ticket at a lower rate and arrive at your destination an hour late.

People who are frequent air travelers have strange tales of their co-passengers. some get drunk and become a nuisance as well as pose a danger to other passengers and the craft itself. there are some who reek of body odor or perfume (Remember the cheap perfume purchased at the duty-free airport shops ?) or even of some food they have consumed earlier.

Then passengers who recline their seats do so a bit too much and obstruct the space of the back passenger. On the other hand, there are passengers who scream blue murder and would not allow you to recline the seat at all.

Whatever mode of transport you are traveling in, just brave the discomforts and bear with them. in a way, you are going to reach your destination sooner or later and be comfortably resting in the comfort of your home.


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