Unfair Means in the Examination

No conscious person in the world can advocate the practice of adopting unfair means in the examination. It is a great problem in our country. It is a national problem. None can support it because real education is not possible through adopting unfair means in the examination. I also do not support unfair means in the examination. Adopting unfair means in the examination is an evil practice and it degrades the moral values of students. There are many reasons for adopting unfair means. The number of efficient teachers is not sufficient to teach a large number of students. Besides, students do not properly prepare the lessons; they waste time in gossiping and keep away from classrooms. Many students plunge into politics mongering. They want only to get a certificate or a degree by hook or by crook. At first; our education system should be modified. Our sense of morality should be developed. Public awareness must be raised against copying in the examination Exemplary punishment should be given to those who are involved in copying. Recently the authorities have taken some effective measures to prevent unfair means. The whole system of examination has changed. Now students are to go to other institutions for their centers. Teachers and students are given the threat to be punished severely for taking to unfair means. Now, students seem to be motivated to learn. Teachers are free from anxiety and the examinations are being held in a congenial atmosphere free from unfair means. I think these preventive measures will improve the situation gradually. It is a positive message for us all that with the change in the syllabus and system, the trend of the previous dark system has improved a lot.