University Graduation Ceremony Speech by a Student

University Graduation Ceremony Speech by a Student

[This is a sample University Graduation Ceremony Speech by a Student. You can also follow this format as a Sample of college graduation speech. Giving a speech at a college or university graduation is an honor and an important responsibility. Customize the content according to the information you want to convey.]

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Graduation Ceremony Speech by a Student –

Good morning everyone!

First, I’d like to thank the administration and faculty of (University/College name) for their hard work and dedication on our behalf. It still feels so surreal to have the degree in my hand that I have been working to get from the past four years. When I started my graduation I thought I was just learning and then (Describe in your words). I will be given a result card at the end just like school but turned out it was more than that. As the first member of my family to graduate from college, I do not take one bit of it for granted. From registering courses to all the spontaneity in the class presentations we all learned a lot too.

One thing that I can say surely is that we all have turned more responsible regardless of in which rank we passed. We have received an excellent education here, which makes it far more than a step between (College/University) and the real world but rather a stepping stone to our futures. (Cordially describe all about the situation). We all have learned something and grown-up while doing it in these last four years. Our teachers deserve this ceremony more than anyone else, they believed in us even when we did not believe in ourselves.

On a personal note, being the first graduate from my family, I would like to honor my parents. Present in the audience, they encouraged me and supported me. I have learned something from each one of you people present here and I am sure you all must have too. (Describe some related example). I would like to give an honorable mention to our administration staff that was there for us if any unpleasant situation occurred regarding our grades or our student accounts. On behalf of every student here, I would like to thank each one of our parents or guardians present here a big thank you to all of you without your guidance and help we would not have reached here. (Cordially explain your greetings).

And now a well-deserved congratulation to all of us, who studied, learned, passed all the assessments and successfully got the degree of our bachelor. (Describe your expectation regarding today’s program). A huge round of applause for everyone present in this convocation.