Value of Watching Television

Value of Watching Television

Television is electrical equipment with a screen on which we can watch programs with moving pictures and sounds. With the introduction of satellite telecasting, it is now capable of bringing the world into everybody’s drawing-room within a fraction of a second. A wide range of programs of varied interest and great value is telecast on numerous TV channels every day. TV shows do have a lot of cons but to label them as useless is rather bold.

Television has become the most common and widespread source of entertainment in the present world. Almost all classes of people try to shake off the monotony of day to day life sitting before this magic screen. The screen also appears with its great variety to soothe them. Cultural programs, movies, plays, live sports are telecast on TV to entertain people. In reality, television, which gives us many benefits, is very important for our daily life.

Television programs have great educative value. For example, television is used for distance learning. The various educational programs not only impart education but also entertain the students. Even the weak students learn easily the lesson which otherwise seems to them difficult in the classroom. Courses run by the Open University are shown on BTV. Recently, a UNESCO backed education program BTV for under-aged children, entitled ‘Sisimpur’ has revolutionized the mode of children education in our country. In fact, almost all the TV programs directly or indirectly have educative value. We need television not only for entertaining us but also for increasing our feeling of humanity to other people and for giving us any knowledge or information about our world. It is the best means of communication. It has become the best means for party propaganda, social awareness, and mass communication.

Television has been satisfying people’s interest and demand for information very effectively. It provides us with round the clock news service and keeps us informed of the latest affairs happening around the globe. Several channels like Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel telecast reports on new discoveries, animal world, weather, agriculture, world heritage, etc. The students get a grand opportunity to watch various programs related to the importance of these historical days. Other satellite channels also telecast reports and analysis on trade and commerce, business and industries, etc.

Television programs play a great role in raising social awareness. For example, the govt. as well as different non-government organizations sponsor programs on Literary Movement, Evils of Dowry, Evils of Religious or Political Extremism, etc. Such kinds of programs contribute a lot to make the viewers aware of various social affairs. Thousands of benefits are gained from having an open source for information, and they can make groundbreaking changes if given to the right hands.

Television is a wonderful device that contributes a lot to human resources development. It entertains as well as instructs us in various fields. Thus, watching television leaves a great impression on our mind. In fact, we cannot ignore the supremacy of television at this very point of our civilization.