Visit a Shopping Complex

Visit a Shopping Complex

A shopping complex is a place where everything is available in one shop. It gives us comfort shopping. My mother and I took the lift from the second level of the underground car-park to get to the ground floor of the shopping complex. I am always excited by skyscrapers, shopping malls, and big restaurants. The moment we stepped out of the lift we were greeted by a blast of cool air and the blare of music from a music shop nearby. The car-park was dark and gloomy. The ground floor was bright and lively.

A visit to a shopping mall is always exciting for someone who has resided in big cities. We were at the foyer of the huge shopping complex. There were many people there. The shopping center we visited is the largest shopping center in the city. I could see a goldsmith’s shop, two music shops, a pharmacy, two bookstalls, a video shop, an optician’s shop, and a large supermarket.

Two very old guards sat in front of the goldsmith’s shop. They were nodding off. I wondered if they could cope if robbers were to come to the shop. It did not look like they could. The shopping center we visited is the largest shopping center in the city. A “cheap sale” of clothes was going on in the middle of the foyer. The crowd there was so thick that it was impossible to get near the clothes. We walked past the mad crowd and into the supermarket.

There were rows and rows of goods in the supermarket. We picked out the things we wanted and put them in a trolley. My favorite section is the perfume counter. I always check out the different scents. When we had finished I pushed the trolley to the check-out counter where my mother paid for the things we took. Fortunately, there were few people in the supermarket. The cheap sale had attracted the crowd. So it did not take us long to buy what we came for.

Visiting a shopping mall is very enjoyable for me. We came out of the supermarket and passed the mad crowd. As it provides a change from daily repetitive schedule work. I noticed that one of the old guards at the goldsmiths was actually snoring! Anyhow, we proceeded to the lift and left the shopping complex. We enjoyed a lot by visiting and buying the things of our need from there.


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