A Visit To Sonargaon

The picnic is a source of pleasure and enjoyment. The hours spent in a picnic are always exciting and thrilling. It was winter vacation. Our school/college was closed. So I got the change to have a picnic, with some of my friends. On the selected day I got up early in the morning, took my bath and breakfast, and started to join the picnic with a camera and a small bag on my shoulder. We selected Sonargaon for the picnic spot. We hired a minibus to go there. All of my friends accompanied me and my cousin was with us. We took the necessary things. We also carried different delicious food items with us. At Sonargaon we arranged a cricket match and after that, there was a cultural program. I sang two songs. Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum remains open from morning to afternoon (9 AM to 5 PM). Wednesday and Thursday, this museum is closed for the weekend. This is prosperous with several unique collections that you’ll never find at any other place. Some are lost from our country, and only those are remain. The main museum building is placed at the “Sardar Bari”. “Sardar Bari” was built by a Hindu Zamindar of Sonargaon in 1901. Alike the other Zamindar house of that period, this one also looks like Indian houses, but the shape of the house was looked like the European Palaces. The baroque decoration and the elaborated painting on the plaster of the building are really eye-catching. There was also a visit to the Sonargaon museum to recollect our historical incidents. At 2 pm. we took our lunch and after a while, we again started a football match. My team won that match and I was chosen as the man of the match for outstanding performance. Really, it was an enjoyable and memorable day in my life. At 5. Pm. we started for our home. It was a very pleasant day.