Warning Letter to Employee for overlooks the rules

Warning Letter to Employee for overlooks the rules

[Below briefly focus on sample Warning Letter to Employee for overlooks the rules. A warning letter is usually written when an employee overlooks the rules of a company. Although a warning letter should point out the negative traits of the employee, it should not be rude. A warning letter remains as a red mark in the career of the employee. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]


Sender name…

Job Designation…

Company/Institute name…

Date: DD/MM/YY


Receiver/Employee name…

Job Designation…

Sub: Warning Letter for overlooks the rules (cause)

Dear (Employee name),

The company wants to inform you that you have been absent from work for quite some time. The HR department gave us the information that for the past three months you have availed many unplanned leaves. (Describe in your words). Once in awhile unplanned leave is understandable. But several times in a three-month duration is considered a serious offense. (Describe the actual problem and situation).

For the past week, you have been absent and after you came, you said that (Cause). We tried calling you several times but you never bothered to take the call. (Explain all about the situation). It is quite annoying to notice that you do not show any interest in your job. There are no more leaves left in your account. (Explain company rules). Already you have crossed the given limit. Unplanned leaves can be availed only during emergencies. You cannot avail them every month. Your frequent absence from work has affected productivity and also influences the team. (Describe your requirement).

I have been questioned by the management regarding your performance. Please take a note of the situation and plan to face the management accordingly. (Describe your decision regarding this problem).

Hope you will understand my concern and wish to see you in a regular form.

Best regards,

Your Name…

Job Designation…

Contact info. and Signature…


Another Format, (Email Format)

From: Sender mail address – name@email.com

To: Receiver mail address – name@email.com

Subject: Notice to employee

Dear (Name),

This is in regards to your poor attendance; I have noticed from past three months you have been taking unplanned leaves. Well, once in a while it’s understood that that could be some personal reason. But you have been missing from work from past one week and you come back saying (cause). (Describe in your words). It’s really annoying that you dint even bother to inform or pick up the call when called. I have checked your leaves you have availed all your leaves and not left with anymore. (Describe the actual problem and situation).

Also, you already have taken 10 unplanned leaves (More/less). You know as a company policy a person cannot avail more than 2/3 unplanned leaves in a month. (Explain all about the situation). It’s only allowed in emergency cases, but as per my records you have been taking leaves every month and this is effecting your production which in turn effects the team. (Explain company rules).

I have been questioned by the seniors. Please take it seriously or will have to face the consequences. (Describe your decision regarding this problem).

I hope you understand the effect of such a warning and will be regular going forward.


Your name…