Water Clogging on the Road

It is a common phenomenon that we very after falling into a jam on the roads and streets. Sometimes, especially in the rainy season water remains stagnant on the road even for 2/3 days which causes a serious traffic jam. The cause of their water clogging is purely mismanagement in the case of the drainage system. Owing to this traffic jam people suffer miserably. They face great difficulty to go to their respective destinations. They have to go on foot even. Water remains logged on the road from 1 to 1.5 feet. The rain gets intensified with dust, mud, etc. Most of the time the drainage system is not active and it becomes troublesome for the passers-by. The pedestrians face a lot of problems as they cannot move freely and most of the time their clothes get wet with water and dirt with mud. This water-logging becomes a burden for the inhabitants of Dhaka City and creating adverse social, physical, economic and environmental impacts. Disruption of traffic movement and normal life; damage of structures and infrastructure; destruction of vegetation and aquatic habitats; loss of income potentials are the encountered effects of water-logging on city life. School-Going kids suffer a lot. The office goers cannot reach their respective destinations in time because of the water logging and traffic jam. Children and women are the worst sufferers who cannot cross the water logging area easily. Chittagong is known as the commercial capital of Bangladesh. The residents of different areas of Chittagong are very familiar with the problem of water logging during the rainy season. A moderate to heavy rainfall is enough to inundate main roads, lanes, and by-lanes of both old and new parts of the city. As a major economic zone, its economy hampers a lot during the rainy season. We think that the drainage system should be activated and city authorities should be careful in this respect.