Welcome Party Speech format to Juniors in University

Welcome Party Speech format to Juniors in University

[Below briefly describe on sample Welcome Party Speech format to Juniors in University. You can follow this sample speech for university students to welcome the juniors in university, department, college or class, etc. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]

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Welcome Party Speech for University Students –

Dear Students,

I am (Your name) (President of students union) at (University name and department name). I would like to say a warm welcome to all of you for securing admission to this prestigious institution. (Describe in your words). This is a place where you all will have the opportunity to make your careers as per your dreams and wishes. The college administration, faculty & infrastructure has the capability to turn dirt or raw into gold. (Describe all about the situation in university facilities).

My advice to all of you is to adhere to the university’s discipline, rules & regulations and never indulge yourself in any unlawful activities. You have come here only for the purpose of higher education, try to make the most use of it. (Describe on Program type/objective of today’s program). Yes, their certainty is amusement sessions and themes and this college has excellent sports facilities and infrastructure.

You can utilize and polish your sporting skills here as well. Dear fellows, our institutions have this great legacy of producing most fine and adept graduates in the field of science, engineering, medical, management, and humanities. (Explain your expectation regarding today’s program). Try to become a shining part of this great legacy and tradition. Try to make sure while you stay here when you go into the professional market, you are well prepared for the real-time challenges and have a clear vision about making a strong career. All the teachers are very experienced and will be very helpful to you. (Explain all about the program schedule and ceremony). You will find all the administration readily available for your help, suggestions for improvement and betterment. Try not to get involved in politics, drugs, and other unlawful activities and focus on your career objectives. (Cordially describe your wish and greetings). I and my whole union will available for your help anytime.

Thanks & regards,

Your name…


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