Welcome Speech For School/College Exhibition

[Here briefly describe on Sample Welcome Speech format for School/College Exhibition.]

Good Afternoon/Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Guests, Respected Teachers, and My Dear Friends; A warm welcome to everyone to the art & craft exhibition in our school/college!

It gives me a great sense of joy to organize the event every year in our school/college and invite other neighboring schools/colleges as well, so that they can also become a part of our program and we can bond over, in a healthy socio-cultural environment.

I am glad that our school/college is also encouraging its students in this discipline as there is a lot of hidden talent in our students. There is no dearth of such students in our school/college, the majority of them are girls who are greatly inclined towards this art & craftwork. I really believe that if they are given the opportunity to learn the same, they can go a long way and perform exceptionally well.

This art & craft exhibition is extra special for us because it is entirely the efforts of our students and they are not experts but are rather at a learning stage. The best part is that they have huge thoughts in their minds and a wandering mind as well, which if properly channelized can lead to classic creations. If you take a tour through this art gallery, you will find the paintings of mostly nature, animals, children sharing a common environment, mother feeding her child, etc.

The decisions making committee of our school/college has decided to introduce this as a separate discipline in our curriculum. In other words, this will be taught as a separate subject to our students. However, the subject will not be forced upon the students and it will be an optional one so that interested students can step forward and enroll themselves in the given course with a very nominal fee. We as students should feel extremely proud to be a part of such a school that believes in the overall growth of its students. It is a constant endeavor of our school committee to design such a curriculum, which is in the best interest of all the students, if not all then at least the majority of them.

They are very pristine in nature and the reason behind highlighting this in my speech is to make you realize that even though their paintings and craftwork do not depict anything eccentric, but there is something much more important than this, which is that they have managed to depict the real, actual life in the most artistic manner possible. I am sure that we can all relate to their pictures.

So ladies and gentlemen and our dear students, I will take a leave from the stage and let you enjoy your time here. Please feel free to move around and enjoy the exhibition. We have also our students standing at different corners, in order to take you through and give a clearer picture of the art exhibition.

Wishing you a wonderful time here and hope at the end of the day you all have something good to share with us.

Thank you for being such a patient listener!