Welcome Speech On Teacher’s Day By Students

[Here briefly describe on Sample Welcome Speech format on “Teacher’s Day” by Students.]

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone – Our Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Loving Teachers and My Dear Friends; Warm Greetings to Everyone!

A teacher creates human beings and instills in them values, care, love and respect. A teacher is the one who puts into the mind of the child the meaning of his/her life on earth. You teachers are our inspiration and lighthouse who shows us the right path and always guide us to follow the road less traveled. Wishing you all a very “Happy Teachers day”.

Teachers are the building blocks of our lives. They act secondarily to our parents. On this beautiful occasion and on behalf of all my dear friends I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers for shaping us as good human beings and making us be worthy enough so that we can face the world with courage.

This day is celebrated not only in our country but all over the world where students give respect to their beloved teachers and prepare for various activities like Dance, Thanksgiving speeches, Prayer, etc., in a similar pattern we all students present here have also prepared something special for our teachers.

Speaking further on today’s events, we have a lot of events lined up for today’s function, courtesy to our students and support staff. Almost all of the events have been managed by the students alone, to surprise the teachers. We love you teachers for accepting us the way we are, we always feel and experience gentle heart every time when you come to us. We do accept that you all do have certain personal issues like every individual do but you forget your personal problems and give us the smile which makes our day and gives us the inspiration to face the problems of life.

Teachers have always acted as guides who play an important role in changing a student into a responsible individual. They serve us selflessly so that we can attain our dreams and objectives. Their contribution is not only limited to schools/colleges, but also to the entire country as they also create and develop responsible and obedient citizens. Thus, after parents, our teachers should receive the respect and gratitude. Teachers’ day is celebrated as a special event in different schools and colleges all over the world. We students want to make this day special for our teachers by offering you flowers and greeting cards from our side as a small token of respect and gratitude.

Teachers demand nothing from us but teach us with the hope that one day we will become successful in our lives. Thus, we as students have the responsibility to work hard in our studies and make our teachers and students proud. Working hard in studies is not the only duty, but we also need to carry forward the moral values that our teachers have taught us to the future generation. The most important thing is to value and respect our amazing teachers.

It is a day for the teachers to relax and see what the students have planned to thank, honor, entertain and felicitate them. Teachers, we the students love you all and today we are going to show you that. At the end of the day we all will return happy and content, more or less, as a reflection of each other. I hope that the celebrations of today will remain forever in our memories and always remind us of this wonderful phase of life when we progressed together.

In the end, I would just like to thank all my teachers for the hard work they put on us which helps us grow in the right manner. You all are our guiding spirits who won’t let us fall and make us realize that after every failure there is success waiting for us, so we should never give up in our lives. With the bottom of our hearts, we would like to appreciate your efforts to make us believe in ourselves and make us realize that we are on the right path towards our future.

Once again I welcome you all to this almost festive occasion of “Teachers Day” to witness the emotional bond between teachers and students. Let us all be a part of this distinguished occasion, making it remarkable and exclusive. Once again, I welcome the chief guest for taking out time from his/her busy schedule and bless the occasion.

Once again a very special welcome to the teachers, and a request to them to just sit back and relax and enjoy the events that their own dear students have organized. This is your day and gets ready to be pampered with love, gifts, awards, and praises.

A very warm welcome to you all and Thank You!!