What Career would you choose after Leaving School or College – Give Reasons

It is my desire to follow in the footsteps of my parents. Both of them are teachers. Like them, I want to be a teacher too. My best memories are of my mother teaching in my primary school.

I was in Year Four then. My mother was my English teacher. That lesson, she went to the greatest lengths to make our lesson so captivating. We got to play, sing-a-long as she played on the piano and read stories. I believe it was then I wanted to be a teacher just like her. I would make my students laugh and sing as she did.

One strong factor that made me decide on a teaching career is my realization that often, children who do not receive enough attention are in lower-income families. These children often lack the drive to succeed. As their teacher, I want to be the one who can push them. By giving them the right guidance in class and outside, I can change their lives. I strive to give them a better future.

Everyone must be given a chance to do well in life. As a teacher, I will help my students by teaching them compassion, motivation, and real-life skills. These last with them for a lifetime. In class, I would try my best to give each child the opportunity that is sometimes not offered at home.

As our country keeps pushing for more progress, it is becoming imperative that students are successful in education. Communication is the most important skill one can possess to be successful in education. As a teacher, I could be the one to ensure a better academic experience for language-disordered children.

Generally, I like the lifestyle that a teacher lives. As a teacher, I move around and mingle with children. I love to be around them and to be a part of their maturation. Children are so naive that it helps me to remember that life does not have to be completely serious. I cannot imagine another job that would keep me young at heart.

Moreover, a career in teaching does not end one’s education. A teacher is a professional learner and that too appeals to me. In the educational setting, the methods by which we as teachers perform our job are always changing. A teacher is never done with learning. He is always adapting his point of view and using his imagination constantly.

To me, choosing a career in teaching is the most important job one can hold. Teachers are the people who produce future doctors, lawyers, politicians, and other various important people that make our society as powerful as it is today. Teachers may also be the only people that can help a distraught child and keep them from becoming our future criminals and abusers.

No matter the background of the child, his race, his gender, or his societal worth a teacher is able to give a child a chance at future success. That is a gift of a lifetime that no other career can provide. So to me, the best career for me is as a teacher.