Which would you prefer, to be a Boss or an Employee – an Open Speech

As to whether I prefer to be a boss or an employee, I certainly prefer to be my own boss. I have reasons to be my own boss or to be self-employed.

The major difference between being self-employed and working for someone else is the paycheck factor. If I am employed by a company, I am guaranteed a paycheck every month. However, when I am self-employed, my income or payments might be more sporadic. Despite this risk, working for a boss might not be challenging enough for me. So my preference is to be my own boss.

When doing my own business, I can have plans for how to improve the business in many ways. But if I work for a company, my ideas might never be respected or put into practice. Conversely, I might have a great idea, but then that idea becomes no longer mine for the company will take the credit for its success. Working for oneself is easier for an independent thinker or problem-solver like me.

There is one thing that may make self-employment scary. However, it is also what makes the work attractive and adventurous. Nobody will take care of me, but instead of dwelling on that as bad news, I think it is a good thing. This means I will be in charge. I like this. I will be responsible for myself, my business, and the staff under me. Nobody above me is going to tell me what to do, how to do it, and when to do it nor can he fire me.

As a boss, I will have more control of my time and my life. As an employee, I may have to work late at night. But I still have to go in to work every day. However, as a boss, I can work until three in the morning all week and then, take four days off to go for a break.

If I have a great idea, I can try it. If it does not work, I am responsible for that too, but then I can make changes and improve my idea without the need to play company politics with the sales department. Moreover, self-employment comes with financial advantages. I can have more influence and control over business expense deductions. My business expenses are actually deductible. I will have more flexibility in how much tax I pay and when to pay it. I can distribute income to my family members by hiring them as employees.

Of course, working for oneself and working for a company both have their pros and cons. If I choose to be my own boss, I must know my benefits, insurance, and scheduling in order to help me maximize my job satisfaction.