World Senior Citizens Day (WSCD)

World Senior Citizens Day is a special day where people all over the world come together to honor the true spirit of the elderly. It’s the day when elders gather to show off their power, demonstrating how successfully they’ve worked to bring good energy into the world. Every year on the 21st of August, the World Senior Citizen’s Day (WSCD) is celebrated; the first celebration took place on October 1, 1991. This day is marked by a grand celebration; it is a day for the grandchildren to express their gratitude to their grandparents and parents for providing them with such lovely elders. The day also honors and celebrates the contributions of senior citizens to society. It allows us to express our gratitude for their devotion, achievements, and services provided during their lives. Throughout the world, various programs are conducted where elders’ life studies, personal experiences, and ways to combat the factors that influence their well-being are shared. The day is known for raising awareness of causes and concerns that impact older people, such as aging and the analysis of problems that affect their lives, as well as elder violence. It is also a day to honor and remember the contributions of senior citizens to society. On World Senior Citizens Day, people try to think of ways to make their parents feel unique and share their sincere emotions. The day was commemorated in various ways around the world. NGOs and other social groups organized community gatherings to educate people about the health problems that affect the elderly, as well as how to avoid and handle them.

The United Nations General Assembly declared October 1st as International Day of Older Persons (resolution 45/106) on December 14, 1990. This was followed by proposals including the Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing, which was adopted by the World Assembly on Ageing in 1982 and approved by the United Nations General Assembly later that year. The origins of International Senior Citizens Day can be traced back to the year 1988. Ronald Reagan, the former president of the United States of America, formally founded it. On August 19, 1988, he signed the 5847 proclamations, designating August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day. The first National Senior Citizens Day was declared by Ronald Reagan. The key goal of National Senior Citizen’s Day is to raise awareness about the plight of the elderly and to provide care as they age. The day is also commemorated for the elderly’s well-being, in order to remember and respect their achievements and contributions to society, as well as to encourage through their expertise and knowledge. The aim of this day is to thank and honor elders for all they have done for their children. They devote their entire lives to the development of their relationships. Such selfless service to their families during their lives is worthy of recognition. World Senior Citizen Day (WSCD) is commemorated for this purpose. Dedicating a specific day of the year to the elders allows their families to express their gratitude for their love and efforts. According to the United Nations (UN), by 2050, 2 billion people, or more than 20% of the world’s population, will be 60 years old or older, with Asia having the highest proportion of older people. The celebration of National Senior Citizens’ Day serves as a reminder to the government of its dedication to achieving goals, assisting seniors, and, among other things, ending hunger and suffering among the elderly and people of all ages. Every year, the World Senior Citizens Day celebration has a different theme. Every year, the theme for the commemoration of the day is different. World Senior Citizens Day is an occasion for our community to recognize the important and difficult job that every elder performs on a daily basis, namely, “raising the next generation of citizens.” Of course, social contact and joy can occur throughout the year, not just on Senior Citizens Day. It is important to make our elderly people feel unique on a daily basis.