Write A Letter To Bad Parking Habit

A number of scooters and cars are parked in your locality without any order, causing blockage of the streets. Write a letter to the Local Public Representative/Councilor of the Resident’s Association complaining against this problem.

Date: 00 Month: …. Year: 0000

Address: ———–

Subject: Complaint regarding the issue of bad parking habits in the locality.


I would like to drive your attention to the bad parking habits of residents in our locality. It is resulting in a lot of chaos and no place for parking for those who come back late.

Despite defining the area assigned to each vehicle, cars are parked amidst two parking spots. One vehicle occupies the space for 2-3 vehicles leading to mismanagement. Two-wheelers are placed nowhere near the allotted zone. This creates a problem for other people as they have to then spend a lot of time finding parking spots in other localities. It induces frustration and tension for the safety of vehicles.

Various notices and warnings have been given to the rule-violators, but to our dismay, no betterment can be seen. I request you to take strict action as this is leading to fights between the residents. Effective and speedy action is expected considering the depth of the situation.

Yours Sincerely


A concerned citizen