Write A Letter To Celebrated Pahela Baishakh

(Suppose you celebrated Pahela Baishakh in your school/college premises. Now write a letter to your friend how you celebrated Pahela Baishakh.)

Date: 00 Month: …. Year: 0000

Address: ———–

Dear …..(Name)

I have just received your letter. In your letter you have wanted to know how we celebrated Pahela Baishakh in our school/college premises. Now I will tell you that. In order to celebrate the Pahela Baishakh in a beffiting manner we decorated the school/college premises tastefully. So the school/college wore a festive look. There were some groups of volunteers who extended their helpful hands in various activities for celebrating the mela arranged on this occasion. One group fenced the entire area. Another group set up shops and stalls for the traders. There were shops of nick nacks, sweets, toys, and homemade things. Another group of volunteers rendered service in maintaining discipline. The mela became the place of get-together for the people of the nearby villages. The fair was a special attraction for the children. They bought toys, sweets and different types of things. Since I was one of the organizers of the mela, I was preoccupied with making the mela a success. In fact the mela gave me immense pleasure because all my efforts became successful.

I am keeping fine. With best regards to your parents and love to the younger’s.

Your lovingly,