Write A Letter About Cyclone “Sidr”

(Suppose you have a friend living in Canada. He wanted to know about the damage caused by the cyclone that swept over the coastal areas of your country. Now write a letter telling him about the damage caused by the cyclone “Sidr”.)

Date: 00 Month: …. Year: 0000

Address: ———–

Dear, XYZ (Name)

I have just received your letter. In your letter, you have wanted to know about the devastation caused by the recent cyclone “Sidr”. Actually there is no suitable language that can describe the damage caused by Sidr.

It has swept over the districts of coastal areas. This time this cyclone has been termed Sidr because it looked like an eye. And the very term Sidr also means eye. The cyclone of this time has broken all the records of the past. Never before did water level rise so high nor the duration was so long. Thousands of people died and many more have become homeless, foodless and cloth less. Even hundreds of the world-famous Royal Bengal Tigers and the beautiful spotted dear met watery graves due to the cyclone. Almost one-fourth area of the Sunderbans has been destroyed by the cruel cyclone. The miseries of the affected people know no bounds. There are now scarcity of food and pure drinking water. Crops have been damaged greatly. Herd of cattle have been washed away. Thousands of people are now living under open air, on boats and embankments, etc.

Moreover, many diseases like cholera, diarrohea, dysentery, etc. have broken out here and there. They may turn in an epidemic form at any time. The affected people now badly need food, clothes, medicines, pure drinking water, etc. However, the people of all walks of life have come forward to the best of their capacity to help the affected people. The cyclone has drawn the attention of many foreign governments. They have also extended their help. It is high time we took care of our environment to lead a disaster-free life.

No more today. Wishing your the best of luck.

Yours ever,